Can I get free shipping if I pick up my order? 

YES! If you're in Utah and want to pick up your LPs from our house in the Liberty Wells neighborhood, then enter the discount code LOCAL at checkout for free shipping. 

Do you only accept PayPal? 

On this site? Yes. But if you want to reach out to us via the contact form and arrange a cash payment in person (if you're in Utah), then we're open to that too. 

Are you willing to negotiate on these prices? 

Sure! Either contact us or make a bid over on eBay.

If I order a bunch of records my shipping gets kinda out of control, anything you can do about that? 

You bet - orders over $100 can enter the discount code BIGSPENDER at checkout and get a 10% discount on your whole order - that should help offset the shipping. If you'd rather, you can just pay what is charged to you and once we ship your order and have an exact shipping cost we can refund you any difference.